Turford Genealogy


(Project dedicated to my late father)
It is long been an aim of mine to try and track down and piece together where the name originated from and where it has spread around the globe.

For years I have been aware of how unusual the Turford name and then when I got onto the Internet and started searching I realised it's even unusual on a global scale. I therefore decided that it would be a great adventure and hobby to try and track and link all together.

Hopefully you have found this page because you have been searching for the Turford name or you have been contacted by myself or another Turford who has asked you to read the page.

It is not my aim to give out your email address to anyone that asks but I would be willing to act as a central point to enable Turford's to exchange knowledge and family tree information. I therefore request if you have found this site and are a Turford that you send me you email address and some basic family information just to get you into the system. I can then email you for more information.

I would be looking for people to become active members of the team and help with the contact of Turford's that as yet may not be on the Net

One of my aims is to create a page for each family and then try and link it into the next family and so have an online genealogy source. I would also be interested in setting up a mailing group so that we can all be updated at the same time. It would be great if we could start piecing together the family history. I also envisage exchanging olds photographs so that we could see family resemblance's.

I look to you the readers to offer ideas and information that could be shared. This site could be the start of something that could be passed onto to Turford descendants around the world and I hope you will join me in this mammoth task. The one thing we have in our favour is that we do have an unusual name.

I shall be setting this up and working on it in spare time and so it may not be updated on a regular basis but I can assure you that I will reply to any emails.

Best Regards

Email Me genealogy@turford.com

Welcome to the original Turford Genealogy Site

Keep Checking back as I will update as time allows. I hope to use the site as the central place for all Turfords throughout the world to  share and discover their history.